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Scholar Awards

Scholar Awards

Below is a selection of awards received by Scholars across our sites.

University of California, Los Angeles

Kia Skrine Jeffers, PhD, RN (Cohort 2016-2018): Was awarded $40,000 from the California Arts Council to develop, produce, and evaluate a research-based play, 2017

Andrea Garcia, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Was sworn in to Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission (LANAIC), November 2017.

UCLA NCSP Cohort 2017-2019: Was awarded $10,000 by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health for their project, “Public Health Firearm Policy and Mortality: A Longitudinal Investigation to Advance Evidence-Based Policy Advocacy”

University of Michigan

Daphna Stroumsa, MD, MPH (Cohort 2017-2019): Received the Outstanding Teaching Award from Henry Ford Hospital, 2017

Lindsay Admon, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Received the BCBS Foundation of Michigan, Physician Investigator Research Award, 12/2017 - 11/2018

Brian Stagg, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Received the Heed Fellowship Award, 2017

University of Pennsylvania

Danielle Erkoboni-Wilbur, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Was named an Emerging Research Scholar by Bridging the Word Gap Research Network, Kansas City, Kansas, 2017

Jane Zhu, MD (Cohort 2016-2018): Was selected as a Presidential Scholar for the Committee on Advocacy and Public Policy Research by AcademyHealth, 2017

Jordan Harrison, PhD (Cohort 2016-2018): Received a $10k pilot grant from the Leonard Davis Institute at the University of Pennsylvania for her pilot project “Quality and Cost of Inpatient Nurse Practitioner-Led Care”, 2018

Yale University

Eric Brandt, MD (Cohort 2018-2020): Received the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Young Investigator Award in Outcomes Research, 2020

Leo Lopez, MD (Cohort 2018-2020): Received the 2019 Young Physician of the Year Award from the National Hispanic Medical Association, 2019

Jamine Travers, PhD, AGNP-C, RN CCRN (2018-2020 Cohort): Received the Career Development award from the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program, 2019